Liquid crystal displaying full automatic needle detector
    Liquid crystal displaying full automatic needle detector


    Equipped with high quality computer chips which made in USA, full digital

    design, OSHIMA main board, FOTER sensor of Taiwan, Panasonic motor,

    and Swiss Habasit conveyor belts.

    Unique inducting design of balanced magnetic field to meet the need of

    different clients, especially for the detection of garment accessory.

    Special inducting design in the detection field, the sensitivity and

    anti-disturbance ability are obviously, it is not disturbed by the environment

    such as electric fan, sewing machine etc.

    With full touching screen, wide LCD figure display, simplified and clear


    Micro noiseless printer, the working data and file can be easily stored.

    Sensitivity can be controlled by 100 digital grades, covered with wide

    sensitivity range and fine adjustment.

    Displaying the induction degree with 16 grade blue light, showing the iron

    content of the detection objects. Equipped with the new sensitivity displaying


    Different working model, such as it can detecting the thin material

    (accessories), thick (end products) etc.

    Three security lock: without lock, low safety lock, high safety lock, it is reliable

    and convenient for management.

    Accurate counting and precise location displaying, equipped with

    environmental protection grade automatic power off pattern.

    Detecting height Sensitivity standard

    Power supply power sensitivity adjustment Sensitivity Detection(mm/ iron

    ball) Detecting Width(mm) Detecting Height(mm) Volume(mm) Weight.


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